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The Heart Of It All: A 10-Part Series

The Heart Of It All: A 10-Part Series

What do Christians believe? What lies at the heart of the Christian faith? How can we articulate the essential teachings of the Christian way of life? In this 10-part series, we explore the basic beliefs that have characterized Christian faith since its inception.

Part 1: The God Question & Our Search For Meaning

Part 2: The Sin Problem & Our Battle Of Conscience

Part 3: The Christ Solution & The Reason For A Cross

Part 4: The Incarnation & The Life Of The Savior

Part 5: The Grace Gift & Our Assurance Of His Love

Part 6: The Spirit Gift & Our Experience Of Christ

Part 7: Salvation By Trust & Our Faith Response

Part 8: The Community Of Saints & Our Life Together

Part 9: The Call To Discipleship & Life In The Kingdom

Part 10: Resurrection, Return & Our Christian Hope

Nathan Guy

Nathan Guy believes the passionate pursuit of truth, goodness, and beauty culminates in Jesus Christ. He received formal training in philosophy, theology, biblical studies, and cultural & political ethics from Oxford, Cambridge, and the LSE. Nathan lives in Searcy, Arkansas, where he teaches in the College of Bible & Ministry at Harding University.

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