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My Favorite Online Lessons (5): Christian Social Engagement

My Favorite Online Lessons (5): Christian Social Engagement

The Christian’s Call To Public Social Engagement
Os Guinness, A New Christian Renaissance
Communicating Effectively In Our Culture
Os Guinness, Civility in the Pubic Square
Os Guinness, Fools for Christ
Tim Keller, Writing From A Christian Worldview
Alister McGrath, Being A Christian In Academia

God and Religion as Integral to Notions of Happiness & Human Flourishing
Rowan Williams, ‘Faith and Human Flourishing: Religious Belief and Ideals of Maturity?’ (video or audio)
Christian Views of Power
Rowan Williams, ‘Faith, Force, and Authority: Does Religious Belief Change Our Understanding of How Power Works In Society?’ (video or audio)

Nathan Guy

Nathan Guy believes the passionate pursuit of truth, goodness, and beauty culminates in Jesus Christ. He received formal training in philosophy, theology, biblical studies, and cultural & political ethics from Oxford, Cambridge, and the LSE. Nathan lives in Searcy, Arkansas, where he teaches in the College of Bible & Ministry at Harding University.

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